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A. Order Cancellation

Customer can cancel the order within 3 Working days of order placement with C&C. C&C will reimburse the amount within 10 days, to the same account from where the payment was made, or any other mutually agreed documented account. Such amount reimbursed will be subject to deductions made by payment gateway and currency exchange rate, wherever applicable.

After 3 working days, C&C will not reimburse the advance amount, as your order would have moved to production line. As C&C does not stock ready product, and make as per customer order, customised to his/ her requirement, you will appreciate cancellation is not a possibility once production has started.

You agree that cancellation and amount refund will not be possible once your furniture has been dispatched.

B. Returns Policy

At C&C, we take enough efforts in packaging and hiring renowned freight movers to avoid any damage to goods in transit. However, there is always a remote possibility of that happening once in a while for which we have put in place return Policy of such good.

1. To avoid any disputes later, C&C strongly encourages you to inspect the goods while taking the delivery. In case of damage, you must get transporter/freight agent to sign for it and take necessary photographs. In case you have accepted delivery without inspecting the goods, it is deemed that you agree that you have received goods in right condition; C&C will not be responsible for any claims of damages immediately thereafter.

2. C&C will accept the return of the product if it is delivered in damage condition and Insurance Company refused to clear claims. Please note that this is necessary that customer must claim to insurance company first, as you have paid for insurance as part of cost of goods purchased. If insurance company refuse the claim in written, then C&C agree to replace the products. Please note that the shipping damages are beyond our control and the shipping risk is covered by Insurance Company.

In any case whatsoever, you agree to inform C&C of damaged product within 3 days of receipt of goods. In case we don’t hear from you within 3 days of goods received, it will be deemed that you have received goods in right condition; C&C will not be responsible for any claims of damages immediately thereafter.

3. Because the products are custom made we do not refund money back. Products will be replaced or compensated with other selected product.

4. The goods must be returned to us in proper Packaging as it was received at your end. You agree to borne the cost of returning goods. If it is found by C&C that the furniture returned by you is not in a fully re saleable condition, then C&C reserves the right not to resend the replacement Product, till the time the matter is resolved amicably.