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Luxury Furniture Bangalore


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Personalization is the most joyous and pleasant thing that we all do to our houses. We all want our houses to reflect the same vibe and personality that we have, and Curves and Carvings help you to do that. Our custom furniture in Bangalore and other major cities have taken the standards of luxury furniture to next level.

Our houses should have furniture that makes the experience of living in it a memorable one. To be able to do that, one must embellish the house with customized luxury furniture to give it a palatial feel. Your choice of furniture in a room attracts the residents to have great conversations and feel attached to the home.

With customization comes a great responsibility of keeping the style and opulence of our furniture intact. Our craftsmen have the right skills and experience in building custom furniture in Bangalore and neighboring cities that will transform your ordinary house into a living heaven.

We happily involve our clients to put their insights into the design process. Our love and passion towards building custom furniture in Bangalore and whole of India has left many of our customers mesmerized by the quality we bring in our customizations.

Welcome to Curves and Carvings – the best online store for buying vintage, classic and antique furniture to give your home a royal feel. Enjoy shopping from the comfort of your home and expect an effortless and hassle-free delivery service.