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We are glad to work closely with our clients and the trade to turn your furniture ideas, thoughts and fantasies into reality. Bring us any references, photographs, sketches and give us your dimensions and specifications and we will recreate that piece for you. Whether it is a bed from Bali, a table from New-york, a chair from Sydney, or a console from Prague, we guarantee a flawless replica. No job is too big or too small, too simple or too complicated.

Depending upon the Project size and duration, we are happy to send our craftsmen to work on Client site for extended durations, irrespective of Place, whether it’s hotel in London or House at Bangkok orBunglowat Pune. We have executed multiple projects all across, which we are proud to say, weremarvelledby our Clients.

Though our specialization, we do not restrict ourselves to custom producing only colonial and antique furniture. Art deco, contemporary and oriental are some of the many styles of furniture that we often custom make for our clients.

Do let us know if we can help make your place even more elegant at

Designing and Styling Services

For the purpose of planning furniture for your projects, we are happy to work with you from the drawing board stage onwards. You can bring us a floor plan and we will offer you furniture that will suit your aesthetic sensibilities and budget. We frequently handle projects that involve working closely with designers and understand the collaborative nature of the interior design process.

With years of experience in providing the best custom furniture in Bangalore and many other cities in India and outside, we have come to a conclusion. Every customer has a personality which makes him different in his choice of design. Our customers simply adore our designs and appreciate them more when we provide a personal touch to their furniture requirements.

Our passion and enthusiasm towards providing custom furniture in Bangalore and other cities does not end only at creating colonial and antique designs. We have formed expertise in delivering art deco, contemporary and oriental designs as well.

At Curves and Carvings, we offer our customers with more than thousand different furniture designs. You can search from the finest and the widest range of bedroom furniture with designs ranging from Antique, Classic and Vintage.

Customization is our expertise which we have achieved by building great relationships with our customers in return of the exceptional customized furniture designs we made for them.

Not just that, we are open to send our well experienced craftsmen to work on client site for extended durations. To achieve the best results, we are happy to work with our client right from designing the first draft to building the final design. We do not hesitate from handling projects where in we have to work closely with the clients, as we understand the collaborative nature of interior designing.